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This is the showroom interior design of one of our very recent extraordinary projects. Crown Wears (Pvt) Ltd has commissioned Zero Inch Interior’s to design their brand new display showroom located at the heart of Gazipur. Crown wears is a leading name in the ready made garment manufacturing business and holds a large factory unit. Because they had been industry for years, the design of the display showroom reflects the brand message clearly with an industrial outlook.

The basic concept of the showroom interior design was to flaunt the industrial look. Industrial interior design is all about the raw effect, unfinished look suitable for thoughtfully designed spaces. It is where building materials that usually remain concealed are exposed. Hence every selected pieces of the showroom interior design was as much about function as style.  Neutral tones, utilitarian object, wood and metal surfaces are the key factors of the design.

The 4000 sq ft. showroom interior design comprises of display space, coffee corner, conference room, lounge and toilet. It is essentially an all-ash space which skillfully creates a sharp contrast with the exposed concrete pipes, metal and wooden surfaces.  Crown wear has an extensive product range casual, sports, and formal items for different brands. In order to highlight the myriad of products, we went with a neutral base with just two basic colours- white and black. Hence, it easily highlights all the products on display.

We wanted to keep a dynamic aspect in the showroom interior design. In that way, the design can be transformed or revamped according to trend or season. Because of this all the furniture in showroom were kept movable. The display units were made adjustable so that products could be exhibited in different styles.  Another aspect that we kept in mind was taking an Eco-friendly stride in the showroom interior design. And so, all the furniture was made from reclaimed wood.  Industrial design involves metal and wood. Hence, the furnishing was industrial style inspired combining a large number of metal and wood. While the display space and lounge was given porcelain tile flooring, the conference room was slightly elevated with HDF wooden flooring.  This gives that part a little privacy. In terms of lighting, directional and object oriented lighting were mainly installed.

Our aim was to give the showroom interior design an industrial aura, and the result is a beautiful combination of industrial feel with a range of other styles, from earthy to the polished. It brings together a “warehouse look” that is functional yet classy.



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