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Retail Shop  Design

Retail Shop Design

RETAIL SHOP DESIGN IDEAS Retail shop Design:  People love to peep, look through, do window-shopping & buy.  So, keeping that order in mind, a retail shop can be divided into two main parts- the exterior , which provides an identification  to the store-front, show-windows & displays & then there’s the interior- where the commitment promised..

Office Interior Design Company in Bangladesh

Office Interior Design: Work-flow- The space planning of an office by keeping in mind the pre-dominant work-flow requirements is perhaps the best design approach. Only by providing a schematic study of the work-flow & the spaces required to fulfill those purposes, the lay-out can be rationally developed. Straight-line principle- In a properly designed office, work..
Interior design Bangladesh

Interior design Bangladesh

Interior design Bangladesh is the greatest stage for all the inside originators and engineers everywhere throughout the world. They get a restrictive chance to Interior design Bangladesh exceed expectations in their business and be a piece of different exercises and challenges that are hung on Interior design Bangladesh intermittently. Additionally Interior design is the biggest..
Garment Buying House

Garment Buying House

This garment buying house was located at the commercial area of Banani, Dhaka, Bangladesh. The site was surrounded by a few other commercial retail stores. At first this garment buying house was a residential house, but then we were contacted to re-design & re-model it into a creative, functional, aesthetically working space. It was a..

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