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Office is The Second Home.We have a family there too! We specialize in planning, designing & providing solutions, while keeping in mind to maintain that balance between commercial requirements & increasing environmental facilities so that our design inspires people to work more productively. our services also specialize in office relocating, office refurbishment, office fit-out and office furniture. A corporate office is a giant conglomerate that has a life of its own. But we go into the details.We work with a vision, that spreads itself through every inch& creates a uniquely designed working environment. A working space can be divided into the following types: Open office-suitable for frequent interactions or communications, Team Space-enclosed space for up to max. 8 people for internal communication, Cubicle-A partially enclosed space for 1 employee, who requires medium interaction, Private office- this space is suitable for confidential works, demanding lots of Concentration. Other features of a office include- Study booth, Work lounge (lounge for working with collaboration with others), Touch down area ( open work space for one person for short-term activities), meeting spaces & brainstorm room for workshops& idea-generating sessions. For recreational purposes, an office should have Pantry area-for beverage & snacks, break area- for taking a break from work, library-with books, journals & magazines & games area-with computer games pools & darts.

Bank Interior design

Zero Inch Interior’s have designers working round the clock to provide safe, creative, innovative designs that would create a bond with the general public. We can ensure that the public would love to visit the bank again & again & not feel bored, while waiting in line!! The programming of a bank include customer entrance (vestibules),followed by a waiting lobby with beverage services for customers, along with customer service area. A bank must also contain small kiosk area for marketing purposes,, banking offices with different departments such as accounts, finance, then check-counters, teller area with pods or teller machines, vault for safe deposit, work & file room with a few sitters, coupon booths & security room with alarm equipment’s & CCTV area for safety purposes. The teller room would contain teller counters, under-counter equipment, cash dispenser, coin counter, bandit barriers & proof machine. Other features of a bank include a break room ( where employees can take a break from work), Kitchenette for dining purposes, & the public & staff toilets must be separated.


Auditorium Design

We specialize in acoustical design considerations, working with echo & also providing solutions for the types of programs that should be included in your uniquely designed auditorium. The range of the performing area from the the first seating till the fifth as an example should be 53msq, 84msq, 123msq,167msq & 221msq respectively. The relationship between performing area & seating an arc of  60 degree from the last column of the seating to the two circumference sides of the performing area.  Viewing angles from the stage opening ought to be 30 & 60 degrees only. The seating arrangements could be varied as well, for example in a single hall, movable, flying & hinged auditorium ceiling can be used to vary seating with attached balconies & flying balconies or with attached lower balcony & flying upper balcony. The nature of music & speech sounds depend on the resonance so a space can be treated as a complex resonant system. The timbre of different musical instruments depend on the frequency spectrum. The sound propagation must also be taken into consideration but the concern with direct sound is that it is not affected by audience members & the direct sound mitigates in levels in an enclosed space.

Retail design


 Retail design is our services.we have retail design expert. Our goal is to provide a good out-look & in-look for your brand so that creativity flows along with the productivity of your brand. our attitude to Retail design is store and design are the background to the merchandise and create the best possible environment in which to reflect the merchandise to the target consumer. As we all know retail design is incorporation element of architecture, interior design, interior architecture, industrial design and graphic design, our different areas of design expertise are ready to present you a enjoyable, thematic and hassle-free shopping experience for the consumer. For Show-room Interior Design: Our aim is to provide a good out-look & in-look for your brand so that creativity flows along with the productivity of your brand. There are two types of retail or showroom designs- General merchandise that offers products, which are lined up for show-casing & advertising with maximum service & the other is a ware house type showroom in a low cost building with inventories & least service opportunities.

Hotel Interior Design

We provide exemplary planning, designing & procurement solutions to convert your hotel into the best living/residing experience, available in the city. We will take care of every designing detail, while working within a certain theme.

Restaurant & cafe Design

a restaurant & cafe design in Dhaka by zero inch interiors ltd.

We are  restaurant & cafe design specialist. Restaurant & Cafe  can be a catalyst for positive change & wonderful hang-out place for public.

We tailor our design & planning in such a way so that it would only uniquely go well with your brand.Our creatively designed spaces within the design,would also help you to advertise, for your restaurant or Cafe.

We  specialize in unique,out-of the box cafe & restaurant design ideas. we will work with every inch of every wall of the project, making your cafe and restaurant a regular hang-out place for the public.

The variation in restaurant design comes from the different kinds of materials used, bringing in different textures, the variation is also created by the types of restaurant kitchen arrangements as in open kitchen, where the diners can almost see the food being made like in some branches of KFC or enclosed kitchens & even in the type seating arrangements,keeping in mind to create connections between the in-door or out-door arrangements.

We specialize in providing assertive design schemes for restaurants, working with varying materials & textures, back-drop walls, false ceilings, lighting system, creative designs seating arrangements, custom designed counter areas but staying within the budget of the client. We know that customers  do not only visit restaurants to satisfy their basic appetites for food or beverages, we know that the customers come for the social opportunities so we work on the interior details in such a way so that it occupies the imagination of the restaurant’s clientele so our design would  increase their appetite for a return visit.

 Residential /Apartment design

our-services-bed- room- design- by- Zero- Inch -Interior's -Ltd.

Our work experience in the residential sector is huge & massive. The interior of a residence  separates it from all the outside chaos, surrounding it. Zero Inch Interior’s work to make it a fortress. As far as small Apartment design is concerned, size does not matter, Quality of living matters. We specialize in planning & designing your apartment in such a way so that it creates great environment & recreational opportunities. We have a dynamic team to do specific space-oriented Interiors for living room, family living, dining room, master bed or child bed rooms, kitchens. For instance, if you do not need the full-house interior, we will work on only those specific parts & make it blend as a whole. We work to create a separate identity from exterior, which comprises of a entry foyer where guests are received & in large houses the rooms are connected via corridors, passageways or more foyers. We try to create a balanced plan so that in a multiple bedroom design, the public spaces such as the living & dining room do not get engulfed by the private or semi-private areas.

Hospitality & Spa interior design

Comfort & luxury is one of our goals, while working with hospitality & spa. We specialize in creating great in-door & out-door spaces, along with creating commercial & environmental opportunities.


Designing recreational spaces are also something we specialize Cinema halls,movie theaters, sports/games arena (such as bowling area,table tennis area), Clubs with or without swimming pool arena, vacation houses,etc.From Ghaat design to urban plaza design, we do it all. We also specialize in Cinema halls, movie theaters, sports/games arena (such as bowling area, table tennis area), Clubs with or without swimming pool arena, vacation houses,etc.

Event management a event management project which is part of our services.

Your success is our goal. From corporate or personal events to workshop seminars, we are fully equipped to plan, design, manage & implement all the details of your events.



Luxury House Design(duplex)

Every residential project that we have done is unique & has a specific theme. We add just a little flavor of fun to our unique & innovative planning & designing. Residing in your own place should be the best experience of living & that’s what we work on.

Apartment  Building Design



We specialize in both mid-rise & high-rise apartments all over the country. Along with working on unique facade ideas we also work on providing & creating recreational & community facilities within the apartment. We work with the neighborhood concept & create a community within itself.

Resort & Spa designa resort & spa design by zero inch interiors ltd.

Working 24/7 could be hard to tackle & it’s essential to unwind & a resort & spa does just that in our everyday lives. So, we keep that in mind while designing & planning a resort & spa & we work with a visionary approach. We work with how it functions, the design concerns, the development process as in the pre-construction & post- construction phases of the different kinds of resorts. Program & site consideration plays  an important role for resorts because its functions Depend on recreational purposes mainly.

Commercial Building DesignA CNG Station Design by Zero Inch Interiors

From corporate offices to shopping center to simple work-stations, we do it all. Zero Inch Interior’s have architects working round the clock to provide the best solutions & designs available to suit your needs. We work on balancing the commercial requirements, along with providing great recreational opportunities to increase work-output. We work on the building facade, & also provide structural, mechanical, electrical & special systems solutions. The types of commercial buildings that we work on , such as, office,hotels, shopping malls, retail or show-rooms are specified separately on our work page.

Institutional Building Design

From civic center to schools to hospitals, we specialize In all kinds of Institutional facilities. We work with creating great in-door & out-door areas, along with providing a connection with each. For Instance, working with the traditional theme of providing courtyards (cluster or otherwise) to bring in the recreational opportunities within the monotony.

Educational Building Design

We have a visionary approach towards the education sector of our design & planning. While designing , we own the institute’s vision & compliment it in our design approach.

Luxury Shopping Mall

Our unique design approach makes it more fun to go shopping! & no one would get tired of shopping! Along with providing innovative facades, we also provide structural, electrical, mechanical & special system solutions. We work on planning with safety measures & building massing within the site. Along with the shops or stores a shopping complex should contain a grand entry or plaza to enhance the sense of approach, along with kids’ zone & adults’ supervision area for the kids’ zone & food-courts, shop-owners meeting areas & prayer halls.. A mall should be a complete package for recreational purposes.

Hospital Building Design

While designing hospitals, we focus a lot on providing the recreational facilities for the patients & staff. The hospital is a giant monotonous machine but it is possible to add a little bit of flavor to the long corridors & monotonous rooms.

interior architecture


Our work experience in the interior sector of architecture is massive. We have designers working all day long to bring that perfect combination & solution of design approaches & visions that would compliment & suit your needs. Our works speak for itself. Check out our works in the link below. We work with the essence of a visionary design approach. We go into the absolute details & we make the details fun to work with.

Furniture design(ff&e)

a modern furniture design is our services

our services including manufacturing or constructing possibilities or opportunities for uniquely designed furniture.The selection of furniture is an essential phase in the design of interior spaces, as it affects human functions and desires. Spaces can also be personalized by furniture, which reflects individual preferences, activities and needs.In commercial spaces, furniture generally reflects the concept, theme, or image an establishment wants to convey to the public or their clients.

The selection of furniture in residential spaces often reflects the personal tastes and lifestyles of the individuals who occupy them.Furniture is often included in what we call the furniture, furnishings, and equipment (FF&E) package.

Furniture provides for users daily needs and completes the humanization of the environment.Furniture is often planned for early  interior design project. It may even be a design generator .For example space can be organized around the placement of furniture to define traffic patterns of provide conversation areas.The exact placement of furniture is important in interior design projects

We have a separate construction factory of our own that deals with making our designed products.

landscape designA modern CNG Station Design by Zero Inch Interiors

We believe no design can be complete without a proper out-door setting to compliment the indoors. We also provide solutions by importing naturally-occurring plantations from our neighbor countries.

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