A Modern Apartment Livingroom Interior Design By Zero Inch Interiors
A Modern Livingroom Interior Design By Zero Inch Interior's

White Balance

Apartment Design

I.Ar.Ariful Islam
Apartment Interior Design
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2900 ft2


about The project

The apartment interior design “White Balance” was located at the residential area of Gulshan, Dhaka, Bangladesh. This apartment was surrounded by other residential & a few commercial retail stores.

At first, it was a office but then the client decided to shift into the his living space permanently & that’s when we were hired to re-model the apartment to suit his needs &  requirements. He said his apartment interior design should bring out & reflect his personality. He wanted a apartment interior design that showed minimum interference with solid finishing & furnishing & there should be a sense of simplicity within the design. The programs of this apartment interior included the re-modeling of the master-bedroom, living room, other bed rooms, dining room, kitchen & the terrace. This apartment interior design had a ground coverage of 2,900 square feet. It was started in the year 2014 & has been completed since then.

The naming of the project was also derived from the design ideas that we used to develop our concept. The inspiration came from the photography realm. There is a term called white balance in the camera. White balance  is the process of eliminating unrealistic color casts, so that the elements that appear white in general are rendered absolutely white in the photo.

The aim of this apartment interior was to play with the concept of minimalism & convulse it into something more, while working under a restraining time frame, which included the construction, installation or re-installation of the designed products or furniture & making every aspect of the pre-construction or post-construction phase of the project fit well with in the budget of the client.

Since the design specifics for this modern apartment was based on a minimalist approach. The color palette was mainly white which was contrasted with a wooden-brown palette. The stair-case to the roof-top provides distraction as well as a sense of blending in with its surroundings. The design scheme , therefore, was also based on the game of  first creating a chaos & then blending it within it. Every furniture in this residence was custom-designed so that it would complement each other. From something as small as the uniquely designed side lamp to the processed wooden floor, everything has been thought of by us. Along with working on the false ceilings, that differ in each room, depending on the purpose of the room, the back-drop walls or the back-drop furniture was also designed by us. Soft & warm textures were created through the variation of materials, for example we used processed wood for the flooring of the living room & its sitting arrangements & the TV display unit were custom designed to go with the sub-concept of creating a white brown palette & in the master-bedroom, rustic tiles was used at the back-drop wall to create a variation in the texture to enhance the custom designed display or T.V unit. The couch in the master-bed room was designed to create a separate sitting area so that the client can enjoy the out-side view. Solid false ceilings with white particle board as well as symmetrically composed lover type false ceilings with particle  board, each with its own lighting system creates a smooth & rough texture throughout the place.

Soft & warm textures allow the occupant to relax & enhance the sense of luxury, where as the sense of harmony  through-out  the lay-out  would  add a flavor of formality & since the design was solidified with great finishing, it shines out & takes its own stand.

 At the end of every project, our main satisfaction comes from whether the clients’ requirements have been met or not or whether the client is happy  with our methodology & design process. From site visiting to designing to construction, we handle everything, from scratch to the finish. We make working with the details fun & accurate. We are known for our timely accumulation of the whole project, with in a specific time-frame.

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