Small Office Interior Design

S.B Corporation
Iar.ariful Islam & team
Office Interior Design
3000 sft

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small office interior design

Whether it is a big or a small office interior design, the environment it exudes make a big difference in the productivity. Designs of an office space have a lot of options now- it can be dynamic, fun, modern or a mixture of all. For our recent small office interior design located at Gulshan-1, we went for a contemporary look with playfulness in its arrangement. As a result, it will make a positive impact on the mood as well as the inspiration level of the employees.  We considered every aspect starting from functionality to creativity while designing the space.

The 3000 sq ft small office interior design belongs to the S.B Corporation whose mother business is raw cotton import. It comprises of a reception room, executive room for 5 people, 1 conference room for 10 people, 1 workstation for 6 people and a toilet area. While the small office interior design was kept minimal, the color scheme, robust materials and intriguing shape gives it a sleek look.

As we get introduced to our new clients and new project locations, each project becomes a blank canvas for us where we can explore fresh theme. After brainstorming, we decided to focus on the color scheme as our prime design concept. Since S.B Corporation imports cotton, we thought using the colors of cotton in our color palette would be interesting. Hence, we chose white and deep brown in the color scheme. For the walls, we used white plastic paint and for the furnishing and flooring, we used the deep brown color.

A small, visually pleasing reception greets the visitors where the sofa and the reception table have hues of brown in them. The entrance door was kept transparent that gives it a sleek effect. The workstation space was small but we tried to utilize it properly. An open ceiling was given at the workstation with sufficient illumination. Glass partition in the workstation gives it clear visibility. To make the space look bright and spacious, we used mostly white in here.

The conference room in the small office interior design was given melamine board table top which stands on exported legs. We chose bold colors for the chairs to break the monotony here. The conference room is illuminated with custom pendant lighting. Overall, the small office interior design has a cohesive outlook where everything is skillfully picked by Zero Inch Interior’s. We responded to our client’s brief by creating a sleek looking small office interior design that contributes a dynamic yet polished flavor.


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